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About the Project

The Dream

  • Ship the car to the west coast of America, fly out, collect the car from the port.
  • Drive through California up to Las Vegas.
  • Carry on via the Grand Canyon into Utah, and then compete during the Speed Week event.
  • After the event continue to drive down through Texas and the southern states to Florida.
  • Proceed up the East coast to New York to ship the car home.
  • Taking every opportunity along the way, to take in as many sights and to meet as many people as possible.


The SCTA have announced speed week 2018 will be from August 11th to August 17th 2018

NOTE. The speed week events of both 2014 and 2015 were cancelled at relatively short notice by the organisers to protect the salt. All efforts will be made by the team to find an alternative competition should the Bonneville event be cancelled.

But Why?

We are firmly of the belief that all cars, regardless of age and design specification are designed to be driven first. Whilst a beautiful car in pristine, clean condition is a work of art in itself, seeing a car at speed, in its natural environment, as it were, is far closer to the design concept.

With the above in mind we are also taking the opportunity to promote engineering to young people by hopefully creating an unusual and interesting project. The concept of pushing a car to 155% of its design top speed always throws up some interesting engineering opportunities.

Finally as a team we all are of a mind that life is not a spectator sport and that if an opportunity presents itself it should be grasped with both hands. Furthermore as in this case the opportunity has been created following the untimely losses of a few dear friends in recent years.

The History

DLN90C was purchased in 1965 by a certain Mr Smith. Around 11 years ago the car was bought from the son of Mr Smith who had kept the car on the road since he inherited it from his father.

Word has got around within the Smith clan and we received this wonderful message from another son of the original Mr Smith.

Dear Sir,

My brother sent me this link a while ago but I have only just had a look at it and made the connection. Anyway I just thought you might be interested in this little anecdote about the car and its history (if my memory serves me).

My name is Peter Smith and my father was the original owner a Mr Clarence Ewart Smith.

I seem to remember 1967 having something to do with it anyway the M6 motorway was about to open to the general public and I seem to remember that my father got the permission of the Manchester Chief Police Constable for him to drive his car down the motorway at speed before it opened to the general public.

I am not absolutely certain if it was on this occasion or at another occasion but I do remember being chauffeur driven down the motorway to school in this car and the chauffeur putting his foot down and the car reaching 126 miles an hour which seemed like bullet ( and just a little bit frightening).

So I think the car has always had speed in its bones. I am very pleased and just a little amazed to see what you have done with it.

Maybe one day it will come around this way to the village of Thornton Le Dale in the North Yorkshire Moors where there is an annual classic car show (and a classic car museum - Mathesons I think it is called) but where the old CV8 would knock spots of anything they have seen to date.

Best regard and congratulations on a fine job of work on the car.

Concourse D’Elegance nes ce pas.


The following is a list of people that have proven invaluable to the project.

In terms of financial, practical or inspirational assisstance. In no order.

Thank you all.

  • Rex Northeast RIP
  • Burt Munro RIP
  • Art Arfons RIP
  • Hameed Taroghian RIP
  • Andy Green
  • Richard Noble
  • Ron Ayres
  • Brian Alder
  • Andrew Best
  • Janine Northeast
  • Martin Richie
  • Jason Hammersley
  • Justin Broadbent
  • Jessica Northeast
  • Laura Northeast
  • Edwin Moorey
  • Peter Riley
  • Mike Warren
  • Colin
  • Jensen Owners Club
  • CCK Historic
  • Andrew Wiseman
  • Harry Smith
  • Al Gordon
  • David Wright
  • Tim Harris
  • Simon Lepine
  • Anonymous
  • Bruce Bridges
  • Allan Read
  • Daniel Randall
  • Jack Masson
  • Stoo Copeland
  • The Bloodhound SSC crowd
  • Eric Girardey
  • Peter Smith
  • Daniel Bevis
  • John Sleath
  • Tilly and the Washingtons
  • Nigel Wilcox
  • Louise Noeth
  • Simon Wright
  • Chris Frosin
  • Nick Chapman
  • Ian Glover
  • Jayne Jordan
  • Dave Divine
  • Jan Divine
  • Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs Ltd
  • Speed Record Club
  • James Elliott

All the families of those that have given up their valuable time to help us.

Star of the Show

1965 Jensen CV8

The Car

The car had been in single family ownership until the current owner purchased it around 11 years ago. The car whilst road legal, was in a rather tired condition, having reached over 250,000 miles without any form of major restoration or anything other than remedial work. To compete at speed week the car has had some modifications to make it safe at the speeds we are hoping to achieve.

The Upgrades

  • The original engine stroked to 8.2 litres.
  • A turbocharger will be used not only to increase power but also to allow the engine to rev up to 7000 rpm.
  • A 5 speed manual gearbox from a Jaguar XJ6.
  • The rear axle has been replaced with a Ford unit to provide a better final drive ratio.
  • The front suspension has been modified for better damping.
  • The braking system has been improved for better braking.
  • The battery and brake servos have been moved to the boot to avoid heat.
  • Aerodynamic aids have been added to help keep the car down and straight.
  • Full roll cage and fire extinguisher system.

The Team

Ian Northeast

Ian Northeast

Driver & Primary Engineer
Janine Northeast

Janine Northeast

  • Never driven a car competitively at speed.
  • Once lapped the Nurburgring in a Saab 95 convertible (loved it!)
Harry Smith

Harry Smith

Peter Riley

Peter Riley

Grease Monkey
Daniel Randall

Daniel Randall

Oiley Rag
Mike Warren

Mike Warren

Team Percussionist
Andy Best

Andy Best

Tea Boy
Teddy Delaney

Teddy Delaney



Jensen CV8

If It Were Easy

Friday the 17th was the last day of this years Bonneville speed week. The event had already exceeded all expectations and not a single member of the team was regretting the decision to make the trip.

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Jensen CV8

Early Bonneville Success

So, true to form our luck has continued in the same vein as previous days.

We turned up on the salt very early in the morning with the plans to go out and do as many runs as possible to perfect our tuning map.

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Jensen CV8

The Best Laid Plans

Wednesday seems a bit like Groundhog Day. We prepared the car early in the morning; the parachute had been taken out for cleaning and inspection. After some mechanical checks and adjustment the car was towed out to the start of course 3 (the three mile course).

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Jensen CV8

Another Frustrating Day

Ian shot off to wait at the auto parts store for the new starter motor. It had arrived and we headed off to the salt filled with great expectations. The starter motor bolted straight on and at first seemed absolutely perfect however on the second fire up the car was reluctant to start.

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